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Thread: How To Install Ubuntu Inside Windows 8

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    Talking How To Install Ubuntu Inside Windows 8

    Hi Everyone,

    I made this thread because I notice people are having problems installing Ubuntu inside of Windows 8.

    Windows 8 has changed there boot partition to a GUI interface so Ubuntu (Wubi) does not know where to implant its bootloader.

    You may receive an error like this in Windows 8 when trying to install Ubuntu with Wubi.

    Now Lets Do It!

    You will need:
    • Administrative Permissions
    • Internet Connection
    • Windows 8, Any Edition
    • Your brain
    1. On an Administrative Account, Go Online to and download the Free EasyBCD. We are going to use this to change the bootloader to a Windows 7 look-a-like. Don't worry, you will still be able to boot into Windows 8!

    2. Download, and Install EASYBCD. Once finished you should be here.

    Uploaded with

    Click on BCD Deployment and you should be here..

    Uploaded with

    This is your Boot loader.

    If you have a SYSTEM RESERVED partition, Do NOT Delete unless you are SURE you do not use that partition.

    If you have a PQSERVICE or RECOVERY partition, Do NOT click "Install BCD" on those partitions.

    With that said, Press, Install BCD on your HARD DRIVE PARTITION. It should be 2 Partitions if you have System Reserved and Your Local Disk. To find out which one is your local hard disk, it is the one with the most space.

    When BCD is installed Correctly, you will get a screen EasyBCD has successfully converted the selected disk into a bootable drive. In Order To Configure... blah blah.... Press YES on the confirmation screen and now You have the Windows 7 Bootable Screen Again!

    You are not finish so DO NOT CLOSE BCD or your computer will FAIL!

    Now you should be back at a screen like this.

    Uploaded with

    You have nothing to boot in to. BUT not to worry,

    Click on "Add New Entry" and at the top, you should see Operating Systems; Windows Vista/7/8 and the Default Name should be Microsoft Windows 7. Change it to anything you like! Either "Windows 8", "Windows", or "I like Pizza"
    Now Windows 8 can now boot into your Windows 7 GUI. You can now safely restart your computer if you want to test. But with that said, Wubi can now be installed because it feels like it is installing on a Windows 7 PC. You will have no worries.

    I made this guide because all these steps helped me. I hope it all helps you!

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    Talking Re: How To Install Ubuntu Inside Windows 8

    Thanks for the help...

    I made a decision will at costco playing with windows 8...I really don't like it at all...some of the machines didn't even have a touch screen...which I feel would get tedious...and even with was't doing anything for me.

    When I tried ubuntu last year I wasn't entirely sold...but this latest version hits the real excitement is the new mobile phone version coming out...I'm looking forward to not having to lug anything around...just a phone that does it all...

    Thanks again for the tutorial.



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