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Thread: Antivirus for ubuntu

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    Antivirus for ubuntu

    I'm a newbie to ubuntu. i want to know whether there is any need of antivirus software in ubuntu. if needed which is good? will it slow down system?
    is there any reported virus attacks on ubuntu?

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    Re: Antivirus for ubuntu

    How many times has this been asked?
    It's not needed
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    Re: Antivirus for ubuntu

    Just to expand on Carl's very correct answer:

    There is absolutely no need for anti-virus software of any kind on any GNU/Linux operating system, be it Ubuntu, RedHat, or building your own linux from scratch, with one very small exception.

    If you spend a lot of time sharing files with people who are running windows, there is always the potential for you to download a file that has a virus, and then pass it on by redistributing the file to a windows user, even though the virus will never affect your system directly.

    If you are concerned about that possibility, you could instal something like ClamAV, and using to scan files you plan on sharing as a courtesy. Something like that would have absolutely no effect on your system performance because you'd only run it to scan specific files, and even then there'd be no point unless you were passing along a file from a questionable source.
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    Re: Antivirus for ubuntu

    Thread moved to Recurring Discussions.
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    Re: Antivirus for ubuntu

    Not needed, please, read this link: specially, the items related with The Windows Mindset

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