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Thread: Skype help- no sound for call and people can't hear me

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    Skype help- no sound for call and people can't hear me

    I've been googling a fix for a long time, but i feel it's better if i ask the experts I have a problem setting up the audio and input devices and for some reason none of the options i found will work: so here's my problem...

    I can't call anyone because it returns the problem with audio capture text and that really annoys me.. why? because my audio works. I can listen to Gangnam Style and videos without a problem but when it comes to Skype nothing works. I use the Pulse Audio control but didn't help much. Im currently browsing Skype's options in Sound Devices tab trying to get a fix. If you need more info i'll be more than glad to provide them.

    EDIT: i found a fix when i do sudo killall pulseaudio and then sudo killall skype my skype works but then not everything else. Id like to hear people in calls and be able to listen to things
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