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Thread: Firefox Sync problems

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    Firefox Sync problems

    Don't know if the OS could be the pesky bbugger here, but I'll give it a shot. I use firefox on the xubuntu machine, and just installed it on my android phone. I'd like to use Sync. I'm trying to set it up to do its job, but it stalls on 'waiting for other device'. I've searched for the recovery key, and had no luck there. I got the code from the phone and typed it into my PC, and the phone showed a progress bar with lttle progress. Can anyone help? It's just annoying me now.
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    Re: Firefox Sync problems

    I've had this issue before as well (using Kubuntu), although the problem did eventually clear up on it's own. My suspicion was that the sync server was down in my case. Checking it now says the servers are fine, but you could give it a shot if you haven't checked that already.

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