Hi to everybody!
This is the first time that I use Xubuntu and I'm experiencing a problem with it. D:
I've just installed Xubuntu 12.10 desktop 64-bit on my laptop alongside with Windows 8.
When I choose Ubuntu from grub loader, the screen goes black and the LCD backlight goes off: the white-bar-on-blue-background Xubuntu loading screen doesn't appear, but after a few seconds the Xfce login window materializes and the desktop enviroment after login works fine. When I shutdown or restart the system, the white-bar-on-blue-background Xubuntu loading screen magically appears!
I know that is only an aesthetic bug, but how can I bring back the Xubuntu loading screen on boot?
Please notice that my video card is the Nvidia NVS 2100M, and that I'm NOT experiencing any problem with Xfce's desktop.
A huge kiss to anyone who will help me! :*