I've been using Ubuntu for the last 4 months, moved from Windows 7 and since I saw Windows 8 I plan to root here in Ubuntu

However, there is one thing that annoys me about Ubuntu. There's a noticeable delay. Sometimes it's in scrolling (such as in Google Maps) and even Facebook feed, it's not smooth as in Windows system (or OS X).

Moreover than that, there's a slight delay in the keyboard which sometimes messes up the space with other buttons so 'i get somethingl ike this'... I tried changing the Keyboard typing rate and playing with the whole keyboard settings (only through the GUI, didn't touch the terminal) so I won't mess up anything important..

Is there anything I can do to fix this? at least the typing issue...

I'm using Ubuntu alongside with Windows 7 (but I installed Ubuntu via the CD, and not with Wubi). I have an i3 processor, 4GB ram and just to make sure, I installed the x86 version so it would be more stable (but this delay is simply intolerable).

Waiting for an answer,