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Thread: Ubuntu Server 12.04 - Group Permissions Not Working

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    Ubuntu Server 12.04 - Group Permissions Not Working

    Hi all,

    I installed Ubuntu Server 12.04 to set up as a file server for my windows computers. Everything is going well except one function I would like to include that doesn't seem exsist, prevent deleting. I have spent days searching how to do this with no luck. What I wanted was my user to have full permissions and prevent the other users from deleting as I want them to be able to add to the share but not mess with the files.

    Now I think I figured a way around it. I have two users, alex and izzie, alex (me) has all the root controls. I also added a group nodel which alex is part of.

    What I can do is:
    sudo mkdir /test
    sudo chown alex:nodel /test
    sudo chmod 2777 /test
    Here is my samba conf
    comment = test
    path = /test
    browsable = yes
    guest ok = no
    writeable = yes
    create mask = 0575
    force create mode = 0575
    directory mask = 0575
    force directory mode = 0575
    This then enables both users to write to the directory test, and prevents izzie from being able to delete any file. Now my theory was as alex is in the nodel group and it is set to group write only then I would be able to delete both files, annoyingly I cant delete izzie's.

    Here are some potentially helpful outputs:
    ls -l
    drwxrwsrwx 4 alex nodel 4096 feb 12 21:31 test
    ls -l /test
    dr-xrwsr-x 2 alex nodel 4096 Feb 12 21:31 alex
    dr-xrwsr-x 2 izzie nodel 4096 Feb 12 21:31 izzie
    Also, I have tried sticky bit and this doesnt work how I want either.

    Is this a screw up of permissions on my behalf, did I miss something to get group write working?

    If not is there another way I can disable delete for all other users apart from myself when in a windows enviroment?

    Thanks in advance, Alex

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 12.04 - Group Permissions Not Working

    Thread moved to Server Platforms.

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