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Thread: VMWare Workstation 9.0.1 3D Acceleration Ubuntu 12.10

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    Question VMWare Workstation 9.0.1 3D Acceleration Ubuntu 12.10

    Hi Folks,

    I have searched on and off for a while for the solution to my problem and can't find anything that works.

    I have Ubuntu 12.10 with the 3.5.0-23-generic kernel, and am trying to run a Windows 7 guest in VMWare Workstation 9.0.1. The video card is an AMD Radeon 5450, with the AMD Catalyst™ 13.1 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver dated 17/01/2013.

    If 3D Acceleration is OFF the guest runs fine, with 3D Acceleration turned ON the guest fails to get to the Windows 7 desktop, VMWare crashes the guest with this error in the logs

    2013-02-09T18:15:00Z[+0.014]| mks| W110: Caught signal 11 -- tid 12355

    Has any one been able to fix this?

    I have seen loads of reports of people having problems with the latest VMWare products and 3D, but none that fix my specific circumstances.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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