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Thread: Ubuntu user permissions

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    Question Ubuntu user permissions

    I'm running ubuntu 12.04 LTS headless server in my home. I have installed deluge in the server using this guide

    I have made a new user in my server:
    sudo adduser --disabled-password --system --home /var/lib/deluge --gecos "SamRo Deluge server" --group deluge
    Now the problem starts in here. when flexget add someting to deluge and the file is downloaded to my external hdd then I cant access the file, because the owner of this file is user Deluge and group is Deluge. I cant unrar it, right now I have unrared and modified the files when I do

    sudo chmod -R 777 *
    I have now two users in my computer

    "Deluge" and other is "seed"

    seed@MediaServer:/media/2TB/downloads/$ ls -l
    total 4
    drwxr-xr-x 3 deluge deluge 4096 Feb 12 22:06 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    how can I add edit/delete premission to the files what user Deluge makes so I can allso modifie them. and reverse, that user deluge can copy files to folders what user Seed has ben made.

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    Re: Ubuntu user permissions

    I assume you have some sort of Linux filesystem on your 2 TB drive, like ext4.

    I would go for Access Control Lists to enable write permission for both users.
    sudo setfacl -R -m seed:rwX,deluge:rwX,default:seed:rwX,default:deluge:rwX /media/2TB/downloads
    This command will set read+write+executable access to all files for both users. It will also set any newly created files to acquire these permissions by default. You can run getfacl <file> to view the ACL permissions. Package eiciel provides a nice ACL editor integrated with the Nautilus file properties dialog.

    husband@wife$ make sandwich
    Permission denied
    husband@wife$ sudo make sandwich

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    Re: Ubuntu user permissions

    Thank you, I wil ltest it


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