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Thread: Western Digital Red Drives

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    Re: Western Digital Red Drives

    Quote Originally Posted by gordintoronto View Post
    35% of the reviews on Newwegg gave the Red drive one or two stars. That would scare me off....
    It's been my observation that reviews on Newegg tend to be overly negative. Some of it seems to by people who push their system well beyond specs then complain when something fails.

    For a sanity check, see if the device is for sale on Amazon. Usually it is, and if so, compare it to those reviews.

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    Re: Western Digital Red Drives

    Thought I should post an update of what I went and did and my results.

    I ended up purchasing the SSD from And I purchased a single 3TB red drive from B&H Photo Video Pro Audio as it was cheaper and decided to take a chance with them. Link to Sight

    I so far have ended up installing the 3TB drive without issue and moved all files from my old Seagate 1.5TB drive onto it using ext4 file system. formatted capcity of new drive is 2.773 TB.

    I so far as of yet have not installed the SSD, I will eventually. I ended up instead of doing and in place upgrade of mythbuntu 12.04 to 12.10 on my Seagate 750GB drive. I was trying to upgrade my mythbuntu install from using 3.2 kernel to 3.5 kernel and I didn't realize until the upgrade that I went overkill and upgraded everything to 12.10. It is functional but far from perfect. I'm taking the time to learn and know how to do a clean install of 12.04.2 with 3.5 kernel on the SSD.I will put the swap partition on my 2TB Seagate drive to avoid excessive wear and tear on the SSD.

    I did purchase Spinrite and tried it. I learned the hard way it is really dependent on the BIOS and really won't work if the BIOS doesn't detect the hard drive.I foolishly tried it on a USB thumb drive on and old PATA system with my SATA PCI card with an SATA drive connected through the PCI card. Unfortunately Spinrite would just hang on the system and not boot because it was waiting on the BIOS to tell it the drives attached and would detect nothing as it couldn't understand the PCI SATA controller. I tried spinrite on anouther system with USB 2.0, and learned the impossible slow scan rate it would take to scan a drive on USB 2.0 and learned you really need a direct connection to a motherboard SATA port to make a the scan for defects practical. I laughably tried to scan the new RED drive on USB 2.0 and it would have taken 400 hrs to scan 750GB of the drive my external SATA dock reported. All I used spinrite to tell me in 6 hrs was that the drive worked and was not giving any obvious problems.

    Have been using the 3TB drive for a week with no problems and I'm happy I made the purchase so far.I will in the future purchase more as my storage needs grow.

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    Re: Western Digital Red Drives

    I have Three Wd Green 2tb drives in Raid5 running on the onboard sata 2 controller (no raid card). Been running for about 3 weeks with smart monitoring enabled and so far no problems.

    Raid5 runs on a dual core AMD 6000+ CPU w/ 2gb ram. Running 12.10 Ubuntu Server w/ Samba linked to 3 pcs and a mythtv data store over the gigabit network and no problems so far.

    I have been able to pickup the WD20EARS drives off a popular auction site for $65.00 plus shipping, sometimes less.

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