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Thread: FC Agenda Thread Index

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    FC Agenda Thread Index

    From the original stuck thread - (with a few edits)
    Quote Originally Posted by bodhi.zazen View Post
    As an update to the community, the FC and staff are soliciting community discussion both here and on irc.

    The forums irc channel is #ubuntuforums

    You can use the above link for a web client or an irc client such as xchat.

    So if you are interested in giving input to the staff and FC you have three options.

    1. This forum (Forum Feedback & Help). (This thread acting as an index for threads pertaining to current items)

    2. FC mailing list posted here -

    3. IRC - Staff are available on an ongoing basis on #ubuntuforums and FC meetings are open to the public.

    We also have FC meetings, hopefully monthly.

    The general goal is to discuss items of interest to the community on an ongoing basis and use the FC meeting as a time to make decisions.

    When making changes we will make announcements in the FC monthly reports and in the respective forums.
    This thread was created as an index to threads in FFH used to discuss the issues on Forum Council Agendas.

    Once an issue has been discussed at at a FC meeting then threads here will be closed to further discussion.

    If you wish for the FC to discuss an issue then it must be added to the agenda at

    Re-opening Tutorials

    Code of Conduct reappraisal

    Weekly Newsletter Section

    Resurrecting the Unanswered Posts Team
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