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Thread: Ryzom not launching on ubuntu 12.04 Quantal Quetzel

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    Post Ryzom not launching on ubuntu 12.04 Quantal Quetzel

    I am new to ubuntu,(I installed it 3 days ago) and have spent that time getting it to stop my laptop overheating (I switched versions to 12.04, started using jupiter, changed to an alternate driver and modified the /grub file). I am now more than happy with it's performance as compared to w7 home premium and its publishing capabilities. A problem occurred, however, when I tried to launch Ryzom. It installed fine, with none of the restart issues others had experienced, but when I tried to launch it, a window called "Ryzom Update" came up with a loading bar (where a dot bounced back an forth) and a notice saying, "Patching Ryzom". This stayed for about 10 minutes then the notice disappeared without anything happening. I noticed, however, that the Ryzom icon on the unity bar was still yellow, as if it was open. If I clicked on it again the patching window came up for a few seconds and then disappeared again. I restarted the computer and the same thing happened. This isn't too urgent, seeing as it is only a game, but I have heard great things of it from several of my friends and am looking forward to playing it, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I downloaded balazar and the same thing happened, except there was no patching window. It is also yellow on the taskbar.

    Warrio out.
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    Re: Ryzom not launching on ubuntu 12.04 Quantal Quetzel

    Moved to Gaming & Leisure, as you'll have a better chance of getting an answer here, than in ABT.

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    Re: Ryzom not launching on ubuntu 12.04 Quantal Quetzel

    Have you checked Ryzom wiki on how to install and update?

    Try follow it and post the terminal output if errors happens.
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