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Thread: Suggestion: Scroll bar visibility in Unity

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    Suggestion: Scroll bar visibility in Unity

    I didn't know whether to voice this suggestion directly to Canonical, or whether this qualified under the Art & Design topic. But I thought I'd try here.

    This is a suggestion that relates to accessibility -- chiefly visibility -- and Unity's main themes.

    I am slightly visually impaired (keratoconus, an eye disease), in a way that makes bright things appear more blown out, blurry and hazy than they are (the 'bloom' effect).

    With Unity's Ambiance theme (the default), I often have difficulty distinguishing between a window's scroll bar, and the scroll background (the strip upon which the bar slides). Especially when the window's contents are overall very dark or very light, and the eyes have adjusted accordingly. (Shapes 'blend into' their more dominant surroundings.)

    The thing is, I really enjoy the Ambiance theme (I use it), and Radiance is great too. They are beautiful. I don't find the High Contrast themes appealing, or even very helpful with regards to visibility.

    Despite this condition, I'm able to see things largely as others do. It's not a drastic impairment; I 'get by' with the current setup.

    I suppose my tentative desires are:
    For Unity's main themes to have a slightly darker scroll bar background, or
    to have either the option for this, or an additional theme altogether.

    I wish not to reduce the current solution from elegant and unified to ugly and incohesive. It would just make using the desktop appreciably less laborious for me.

    Thank you!
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