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Thread: My own distro based on Ubuntu

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    Re: My own distro based on Ubuntu

    How about contributing to zorinOS?

    You can find many popular distributions at
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    Re: My own distro based on Ubuntu

    If I want to kick Microsoft where it hurts. And I do by giving monies to projects to continue. File bug reports and try and help others make the transition to Linux easier by answer questions in forums. Or sharing links to help make learning linux easier.

    And sharing and demoing Linux for Family,Friends & Co-Workers is a much better use of your time.
    And will have more impact than another distro.

    Do yourself a favor by Not creating another (Not another) drop in the (Not another) distro's sea.
    Which hurts linux more than it would Microsoft.
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    Re: My own distro based on Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by iamkuriouspurpleoranj View Post

    Please, no more "I've rearranged Canonical's furniture" distros...
    Funny, considering Ubuntu is a " we arranged Debian's furniture distro."

    Secondly creating a respin hurts nothing if you want to do it go for it don't let anyone talk you out of it.
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