I've deployed SAMBA4 as ADC in our existing domain (abc.org) where we have MS 2008 R2 as PDC. As the SAMBA4 joined the windows domain, all data in AD got replicated to SAMBA4. We are planning to authenticate zimbra users and similar LDAP aware applications thru SAMBA4 so that we can save the licenses (Licensing costs involved when a user getting authenticated thru AD) of those users.

Now my question is ...

I would like to co-exist MS 2008 server and SAMBA4 for a few years and later do away with windows server.

My SAMBA4 appears as an ADC in windows 2008 server.The server having been seen in Windows server, will it attract any Licensing costs to Microsoft??

Any documentation available to prove that, the above mentioned deployment is free of License costs ??

Awaiting your valuable reply,

Jomy Mathew