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Thread: Installing Chromium OS

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    Installing Chromium OS

    First off, I'm not sure if this topic is appropriate for this forum, but you guys are the only people I know who might know how to help me. So just tell me to delete if I should.

    Ok, I have an ancient netbook that has served me well for about 3 years now, running ubuntu for most of its life. Its hardware is pathetic, but generally ubuntu's nature of being very fast and clean was enough to compensate. I would now like to allot a section of my HDD to be able to run Chromium OS, after reading about its speed and compatibility with laptops. I want a dual-boot because I still like ubuntu's many applications, and I'm not ready to give them up quite yet.
    I don't know much about chromium OS, but I know it's not a simple download, and that you have to compile it yourself. So I would like your help compiling it onto my computer alongside ubuntu 12.10, if thats possible. I post in absolute beginner because I'm not well versed in linux, so basic, or step-by-step instructions are appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give.

    tl;dr - How do I dual-boot ubuntu 12.10 and chromium os?

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    Re: Installing Chromium OS

    Forgive my presumption, but you sound like a general user. Please appreciate that compiling an entire OS is an extremely involved and technical exercise that challenges even gurus. I don't account myself a general user anymore, but I've only compiled perhaps half a dozen kernels in my life, and they were experiments. Most did not work and, for the life of me, I could never figure out why. And that was only a kernel. You are talking about taking on an entire OS.

    If you are serious (after all, Linux is the hacker's OS), then I would suggest you start out with a more digestible goal first and do this in steps. Try compiling a Linux kernel. This is at least a manageable project that will introduce you to the intricacies of compiling a very complex and critical piece of code. Or, you can try compiling the newest video driver for your machine, as I had to do recently. Or compile an app from source. If you've done none of these things in the past, then you will be biting off far more than you can chew trying to compile a whole OS as your first project.

    If you insist on trying anyway, then I doubt if you will be able to get much help from this forum. It won't be for lack of interest, but that the project you are undertaking is so massive, that no one will have the time to see you through it, to say nothing of the fact that this is an Ubuntu forum and you are asking about a Google OS. I recommend that you visit their site. If you need further help, you are much better off inquiring with the Chromium community.

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Installing Chromium OS

    have you thought about installing Peppermint?

    I run it on the original EEEPC 4gb netbook from Asus, and it works fine. Is based on the Ubuntu repos, so you lose nothing and avoid the angst of compiling.

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