Hi guys. Forgive me if I posted in the wront place (if so where can I put this thread).

I recently passed my ccna and am now trying to get my ccna voice. I would like to build a small lab in gns3 to help me with my studies. However I am running into a few problems along the way.
I am using Linux Mint 15 Olivia along with GNS3 and VTGO softphone. I have all the configs setup in gns3. Dhcp server, CME router, and 2 switches. I am using a 3725 image. So after I configued all the routers ans switches I installed Windows XP in Virtualbox and downloaded VTGO softphone. This is where the trouble comes in. I cannot get the softphone to get an IP address from the dhcp server in gns3. I have no idea how to go about connecting a softphone in virtual box to gns3 ( I hope thats possible).