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Thread: How to install Xilinx & Modelsim tools in Ubuntu

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    Question How to install Xilinx & Modelsim tools in Ubuntu

    How & where do I install the Xilinx & Modelsim tools in Ubuntu. These are ".exe" files..
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    Re: installation

    We do not install exe files in Linux/Ubuntu. Those are Microsoft Windows program executable files and will not run on Linux.

    We can install something called wine that often fools Windows programs into running on Linux.

    I use it to run a Windows program that I have. You can find it in the Ubuntu Software Centre. Your exe files may load. They may not.

    If you install wine, look in the Dash for Uninstall Wine Programs. Open it and you will see an Install button that will help you install those programs in the way Windows installs programs.

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    Wink Re: installation

    The easiest way to install all the Xilinx tools is to go to this website
    and download Vivado and ISE design suites (latest 14.4) for ALL PLATFORMS. All platforms download contains installers for both Windows and Linux.
    You can register with Xilinx and get a free license for Webpack. Check out Webpack for more details into which softwares you have licenses for.

    P: Once you have ISE downloaded, locate the installer in the downloaded folder and install!


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