Alright, i am new to the forum and i have been trying to get elder scrolls 2 daggerfall to work in Linux. I downloaded Dosbox using a software manager and downloaded daggerfall itself from the main site ( ). Was following an online guide to install but came to a problem. Trying to download the file, it downloads and i try to open it. It gives me the launch application window and it shows me the file and choose application. I click and the screen closes, my computer does nothing. I’m confused at this point. So i try opening it again, gives me launch application screen...the two options i had earlier, i click choose application. It opens my file manager (well it shows my list of files but it wasn't the actual file manger) and i try to get it to go into a file i created for it, it does nothing. So i know its a zip file but i don’t know how to get the file unzipped and extracted onto my computer.

please could someone help me and tell me whats going on. If you have any questions i will try to answer them.