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Thread: 12.10 will not see windows shares

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    12.10 will not see windows shares

    I have installed ubuntu 12.10 64 and I have installed samba & the winserver module.

    I have configured the etc/samba/conf file and the nsswitch.conf file so i can ping by netbios name.

    yet I could not see windows shares until I edited the host file by entering pc specific info. I know this appears to be a good fix but its not because i should not have to edit the host files to see windows shares.

    and did i mention windows cannot see my system either, please help im at a lost.

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    Re: 12.10 will not see windows shares

    Well for now it would appear as if I have answered my own question.

    I hope the answer i provide can help someone else

    Last night I realized the name (netbios name) I assighned to identify my linux desktop on the network far exceeded the charater limit that could be seen by windows machines.

    i beleave the character limit is 12 or 15 that windows can see wheras I had roughly 20 characters so of course it was to much for windows to see.

    needless to say i changed the legnth by editing the host file accosiated with the system name rebooted and then whala there it was. reconized by wndows and my android phone.

    beleaive it or not the androind phone is what helped me identify the issue in that when i woukd try to connect to the machine by my galaxy note it would give a feedback ((bad charcater)).

    so i hope this helps someone out thier with one way to indentify issues networking linux and windows machines.


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