I'm trying to setup a firewall.

Ubuntu Server 12.04

eth0 - external network (
eth1 - internal network(10.0.0./24) with an ip of

All the clients have their gateway set to I want to block everything from all clients by default. There is a few machines that need to make outside connections which I will configure one by one.

In /etc/default/ufw I can set the following DEFAULT_FORWARD_POLICY="ACCEPT"

If I set this to ACCEPT, all the clients on can access the internet. Adding "deny out" using ufw does not stop this from happening.

If I set DEFAULT_FORWARD_POLICY="DROP" then none of the machines can access the internet, this is what I want. The problem is if I add an allow out rule, it doesn't seem to work.

So for instance: sudo ufw allow out from any to any to port 80

Does not allow me to browse the web.

I'm not sure how to make this work..