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    Question Font Display Artifacts

    I have tried to search this problem and see lots of confusing and conflicting answers.
    Xubuntu, all updates installed, ASUS EEE PC900 netbook, 1GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Intel Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller, Celeron 900MHz. This netbook barely ran with WinXP, but thrives with Lubuntu.

    Problem: Certain letters or characters of a font will have horizontal lines through them (pixels missing). It may be one or more characters, but the same one(s) through the page, like all the "U"s or all the "&"s. It will vary from font style and size each time I boot. It can appear in Firefox or Thunderbird, or on the desktop and menu fonts. Logging out and back in will fix a particular problem, but another may occur. It's totally random, but happens about 90% of the time.

    Is there any definitive answer? It's quite annoying. (Never had problem with XP, and don't see this issue on my desktop Lubuntu PC.)
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