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Thread: Macbook Air 3.2 black screen after reeboot

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    Macbook Air 3.2 black screen after reeboot

    Hi, today I installed a fresh ubuntu studio 12.10 out of the live system. After reebot I have a black screen and nothing happens - I can hear that the mac is running but no screen.

    I am a complete noob (no linux experience) therefore any solution which I hope you have should be very detailed!!!

    The point is, starting the live system works well, screen started, I tried some things, everything was all right.

    Mac: Macbook Air 2010 - NVIDIA (320m)

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    Re: Macbook Air 3.2 black screen after reeboot

    Ok, after sitting the whole morning in front of my mac trying to find a solution I really have to say - I don't understand it!!!

    Booting the live system from usb works perfect! Everything is fine - therefore I do not understand why the system is not working after an installation.

    And whats make me angry is the situation, that by using the live system I had the impression that everything works - basically this is the reason why the live system exist and why the recommendation is to try this before installing the system.


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