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    Intermittent wireless

    When I first started using Ubuntu on my macbook 8,1, the wireless card was not supported. I had to compile and patch the driver for the broadcom 4331 chip. It works well and I've been using it for almost a year now. The module that needs loaded is b43 and I have set it up so system stuff like suspend doesn't mess with it. But sometimes just while I'm on the computer the module needs to be reloaded because I lose internet connectivity. The network is still connected, but no access to internet. so
    sudo modprobe -r b43
    sudo modprobe b43
    Then the connection will be repaired. I do this 1-3 times a day.

    I also noticed now, that jockey-gtk (additional driver) has started showing me a broadcom STA driver for their hardware, but I don't see my chip listed there. And I feel like I read somewhere that the STA driver is not very good.

    Should I just stick to my current setup or try the STA driver?

    Thank you,

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