I'm new to Ubuntu, but I prefer using VIM on a UNIX platform when coding in C. My Ubuntu install (12.10, 64-bit) is in VMware and, since I have multiple computers, I save my code to a network location at my college so I can access it no matter which computer I'm using. I've successfully connect to the server through the nautilus GUI, but I would very much like to access it from the terminal so I can quickly make changes and compile.

Google has provided me with a number of commands to mount to a directory, but none of them have succeeded. 'smbmount' is not recognized as a command and 'mount -t cifs' tells me "mount error(13): Permission denied". When I try to access it through smbclient, it says "NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE".

Am I missing something here or just doing something horribly wrong? Thanks in advance!