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Thread: 12.04 - KDE 4.10 - Screen edge... nothing?

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    12.04 - KDE 4.10 - Screen edge... nothing?

    I have KDE 4.10 running on Kubuntu 12.04. This is for my desktop, which has two monitors and a Nvidia graphics card. Drivers are installed and dual screen is set up.

    I was trying to set up the hot corner screen edge feature where I see all windows in a Gnome Shell-esque way. At first, they were grayed out. In another menu I enabled desktop effects or something of that nature, and they became selectable. Problem is, even if I select them, nothing happens when I hit the screen edge. If I select show desktop, it works... but if I use show all windows on all desktops, nothing happens.

    Is there any rhyme or reason why? My laptop running an identical 12.04/KDE 4.10 setup works fine...

    EDIT - Well, I can't take back "stupid." The second I hit post I saw the yellow flag in the upper corner. It looked like a restart symbol. Sure enough, it was - updates I just installed required a restart. (I'm still getting used to KDE). I restarted, and bam everything works.

    For what it's worth, KDE is an absolute blast to use. 4.10 is surprisingly fast and very lightweight feeling, despite the monumental amount of bells and whistles.
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