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Thread: GNOME panel get's a new maintainer

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    Re: GNOME panel get's a new maintainer

    Just screenshot what type of desktop lot of users like, even older people. Lets hope in future after 13.04 Ubuntu maintainers will keep this gnome-session-fallback in repositories.

    Gnome is easiest and most productive desktop, especially for casual people who came from Windows or older people or just ones who wants simple DE and fallback is one needed component in this "vision"
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    Re: GNOME panel get's a new maintainer

    forcecore, except for having the window list on a separate bottom panel instead of on the top panel, that screenshot is pretty much what the new GNOME Classic mode for GNOME Shell looks like, so you shouldn't have a problem with 13.10 as it looks like there are 2 choices available (3 if you count Cinnamon and 4 if you count XFCE). Ubuntu 13.04 includes effectively the same gnome-panel as 12.10 so there's nothing to worry about for the next Ubuntu release anyway.

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    Re: GNOME panel get's a new maintainer

    Yes something like Cinnamon does offer "classic experience" and Razor-qt could do something like this in the future. XFCE is probably the best bet ATM but yes i understand two things why "GNOME panel" could stick around for some time.

    1.) GNOME panel allows user to use GNOME DE and GNOME DE has more features as for example XFCE and it is default DE in Ubuntu.
    2.) Using GNOME panel and Metacity does not force higher CPU usage on hardware with no GPU support or bad drivers and that is while using GNOME DE and not some alternatives.

    This is why i do imagine GNOME panel will stick around for some time until something changes like XFCE gains more features GNOME provides or something like Cinnamon or Razor-qt works well with GNOME on hardware with low specs or no GPU.

    Basically this is how i see things ATM yes, how to use the latest and greatest Ubuntu/GNOME in "2D world" and get nice results and ATM GNOME panel is it and other alternatives usually force users off the latest and greatest Ubuntu/GNOME but i do imagine as time goes by this will get solved in a different manner. For now GNOME panel does provide this and in has less tradeoffs as alternatives if we are looking at it from perspective user does want to use the latest and greatest Ubuntu/GNOME in "2D world"!
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