Hi fellas!

I've been looking for an answer to my questions but can't seem to find any, besides random thoughts and beliefs... So, I'll explain what I think I know and see if anyone can clarify me the rest.

LTS is a special version released every 2 years offering 5 years of support, meaning the won't be any major or structural changes to the packages in the repositories for that release.

apt-get upgrade installs new versions of already installed packages if they do not change dependencies, meaning it won't install new packages needed or remove unneeded packages.

apt-get dist-upgrade will install new packages needed and remove packages that are not needed anymore.

do-release-upgrade will upgrade to the immediate following version of the currently installed one.


  1. do-release-upgrade on LTS: How will do-release-upgrade behave in LTS versions? Will it upgrade to the next LTS version - i.e. 10.04 to 12.04?
  2. dist-upgrade compatibility with LTS: Will dist-upgrade'ing on an LTS version make it lose any of its LTS-fulness??
  3. Additional thoughts?

Thanks in advance!