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Thread: Any suggested camera streaming packages Ubuntu 12.10 ?

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    Any suggested camera streaming packages Ubuntu 12.10 ?

    Hi, all:

    I'm just wondering is there any suggested camera streaming packages under Ubuntu 12.10?

    It seems Ubuntu 12.10 brought a big change in VIDEODEV, it seems now VIDEODEV turns to VIDEODEV2. So, there seems to be a lot of conflicts between VIDEODEV2 and

    1) Unicap
    There is no updates for almost 2 years.

    2) Camstream
    I used to test camstream 5 years ago, but it seems it's now even disappeared in the repository of Ubuntu 12.10

    3) libwebcam
    This seems to be the only good streaming package, however,
    libwebcam Webcam Library (LGPL)
    Just wondering if LGPL packages are allowed to be commercialized ...

    Any recommendations on other free camera streaming packages?

    Best Regards
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