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Thread: Multiple raw_inputs and searching

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    Multiple raw_inputs and searching

    Hello. Because programming is one of my favorite hobbies I started a small project in python.

    I'm trying to make a nutritional calculator for daily routine, see the code below:

    # Name: 
    # Author: pyn
    my_dict = {'chicken':(40, 50, 10),
            'pork':(50, 30, 20)
    foods = raw_input("Enter your food: ")
    #explode / split the user input
    foods_list = foods.split(',')
    #returns a list separated by comma
    print foods_list
    What I want to do:

    1. Get user input and store it in a variable
    2. Search the dictionary based on user input and return the asociated values if the keys / foods exists
    3. Sum these values in different nutritional chunks and return them, something like: You ate x protein, y carbs and z fat etc.

    Any ideas are welcome and sorry for my bad english.
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