Hi all, first of all I'm completely new to Ubuntu. I really wanted to learn/be familiar with Linux but didn't want to install it as a main OS so I decided to use VirtualBox to play around with it.

First time around I installed the 64bit version but I kept getting the kernel error. I couldn't find the option to enable Intel Virtualization Technology in my BIOS so I just downloaded the 32bit version instead.

I didn't see anything obviously wrong with the installation, but whenever I login (the login screen appears to be normal) I'm presented with a blank desktop. I see the background color/image but there are no icons.

I tried reinstalling it but I got the same results.

Host OS is Windows 7 64bit
VirtualBox version 4.2.6
giving the virtual machine ~1gig of ram and and 8 Gigabyte HDD
Gfx card - GTX 670

Please let me know if there's any more information I should be providing.

Thank you!