Hi Community:

I bought a Streamzap remote and ir receiver, and want it to work, espcially for Mythtv.

Some of the keys on the remote work, but some dont!

I have struggled with this and tried so many things, that I really couldn't say what I've done... exempt for my last try where I used the following commands:

sudo apt-get install lirc mythbuntu-lirc-generator
To tell the truth... I have no idea what that code did!

Many things on the remote work, however, FOR MYTHTV.... I'd really like the
  • channel up and down,
  • the stop, pause, and forward, and
  • the ok button to work (ie, the ok button to serve as a "selector" rather than using the keyboard "enter" to be the selector.

How to I get this to work?

I can't get irw to work!

Old Jimma from the Old Country