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Thread: "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."

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    Re: "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."

    H, The two URLs I include are examples of how one can approach fixing a problem or just learning more about how Ubuntu works. It's a stretch for any former Windows user to consider using a "Help" site to find the answer to a specific question. You know what happens if you try that in MSWindows, it's useless. I implore you to try using help in Ubuntu however, is a wonderful URL IMHO. Rather than rattle on about how to change the server mirror your system goes to, to download software you request, I suggest you try searching it @ That said, I'll list three salient topics about installing new packages, etc.

    Use this link to learn how to deal with all three topics
    • Selecting the Best Ubuntu Mirror server for downloading software
    • select the sources where your software center searches for packages you request
    • learn how to manually add PPAs, which is a souce outside those offered by the standard ubuntu installation

    Installing Grub, the first URL, is one I used an awful lot in the beginning of my Ubuntu education, and it "Sold" me on using this site to learn. The snapshot of selecting a different mirror to download from is made with the package/application/software (call it what you want) named "gnome-screenshot" it's a great tool, if you don't have it, but want it, install it, and learn how to use it.

    The attached .png file shows how I typed the command incorrectly two times before finding the correct name of the program, 'gnome-screenshot'.
    There is also a .jpg attachment showing the GUI of selecting a different Download-Server mirror. But if you go to, you will see much better pictures of what the GUIs look like.
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