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Thread: ubuntu 14.04 on Lenovo x60s Thinkpad

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    ubuntu 14.04 on Lenovo x60s Thinkpad

    I am new to linux, and I have been using a live USB drive to run 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04. I really want to run said USB onto an old thinkpad x60s with a Core Duo processor. When I do this, however, by running it without installing, the drive freezes and I never get my Desktop. I have heard that it needs a special 32 bit version. How do I solve this problem without installing it to the hard drive?

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    Re: ubuntu 14.04 on Lenovo x60s Thinkpad

    If you have 64bit software (Ubuntu 14.04) then the hardware needs to be 64bit also. If your hardware on the old machine is not 64bit, you will need a 32bit OS.

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    Re: ubuntu 14.04 on Lenovo x60s Thinkpad

    The Lenovo Thinkpad x60 has an Intel Core Duo T2300 CPU and it is a 32 bit CPU.

    So, there you are. 32Bit Ubuntu needed.
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    Re: ubuntu 14.04 on Lenovo x60s Thinkpad

    Try downloading a 32-bit version and boot from that. I thought these Core Duo's were 64-bit.

    You might need to use the forcepae switch or a distro with the forcepae work-around.
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    Re: ubuntu 14.04 on Lenovo x60s Thinkpad

    Forcepae is not relevant for this processor. It only applies to a certain part of the Pentium M family.
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