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Thread: Internet works in Ubuntu, but not windows??

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    Question Internet works in Ubuntu, but not windows??

    I've had my computer for a little over a year. Since I've had it, I've not been able to connect to my school's WPA2 enterprise WiFi connection OR using an Ethernet cable using windows. However, it does work on every single other WiFi connection I've used. I've also always had Ubuntu dual booted, and just used Ubuntu at school.

    Well now I have to have a windows OS for a class in which I have to use Excel 2010 and install another windows only program. No exceptions. The program has to have internet access to work, so this is an issue. I also have to download quizzes and take them in excel in class. So I really need to get WiFi/Internet working.

    I thought it was maybe because I had a crappy wireless card, but then why would it work when in Ubuntu?

    When I use an ethernet cable and WiFi it says the DNS server is not responding.
    This is what I'm basically looking at:

    I took it to the IT people here at my school a while back and they messed with it for about 2 hours, downloaded some drivers, did an IP renew, and still no dice. They basically had no answer for me. I really need to get this figured out because it is really damn annoying and if I have to buy an entirely new computer I will be furious, and I don't have any money for that at all.

    Any help is appreciated. Also, is there anywhere else you folks think I could ask this question and maybe get some more responses? I know this is a linux forum and this is windows problem, but I'm pretty desperate.
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