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Thread: Does Truecrypt play well with GRUB?

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    Question [SOLVED] Does Truecrypt play well with GRUB?


    I've been doing some installation gymnastics on my computer...right now, I have Win7, and had to remove Ubuntu (also GRUB, accidentally). To boot by computer without SuperGRUB, I used the GRUB installation tool on Puppy Linux...I think it's GRUB 1.8 or so.

    Anyway, now I'm using GRUB as my bootloader, and I want to do Truecrypt full disk encryption. I figured someone here would know enough about GRUB to be able to tell me, will Truecrypt expect the Windows bootloader, ignore/destroy GRUB, and leave me with a computer I can't boot?

    Thanks. Hoping later to put Ubuntu back on.

    I'd give this the prefix 'GRUB' if there was one.

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