Hello I'm trying to install sublime text 2 for lubuntu.
My class requires me to program in java.
I was able to install java.
Therefore I am able to compile and run in terminal and programs such as geany.
I have install sublime text 2.
In terms of installation I loosely followed this: http://www.technoreply.com/how-to-in...u-12-04-unity/

If I type in sublime into terminal I am able to open sublime.
Now the problem is being able to compile and run my programs.
I found this webpage that divides the process into steps:

For step1:
Steps to set PATH variable in Ubuntu
I can open into the environment file
Right now in this file it has:
Instructions say:
"Paste jdk bin directory path in last before ” and save file;"
Is the path: usr/bin/java
So do I just put this below the line that already exists?

Please help,