Hi All,

In attempting to shrink my NTFS drive to a smaller size, so I can dual boot my currnet Windows 7 with a brand new Ubuntu 12.10 (didn't want to use Wubi), I've somehow managed to stuff up the drive and what Windows can see.

Essentially, after shrinking it with a partition manager, Windows blue screens upon restarting. I shrank it while Windows was running (which is valid to my surprise, according to many Windows 7 & 8 dual boot HOW-TOs), and it said to restart to finish off the process.

Other partition managers I burnt to an ISO say it's a raw format. Ubuntu *trumpets blare* to the rescue; the live CD said I can see your NTFS partition sure no problem.

SO. Here's my issue. I'd like to recover my drive, so that Windows can boot again. Whether I then format or not, I'd like to get Windows running so I can do things like run steam and properly back-up... run other programs that can't just be copied over.

How do I fix my NTFS partition from an Ubuntu Live CD?

I've tried so far:
  • ntfsfix /mount/point/31415: Runs & exits fine; have tried with all parameters
  • ntfs-label /mount/point/34154 NEW_LABEL: Said sure no problem. Hasn't helped.
  • fsck /mount/point/3115: Said it can't find/run fsck.ntfs. I can't find that package either.

Help would be greatly appreciated!! I'll update this description with clarifications as they come.