I have been running uBuntu 32 bit as a HTPC for over a year everything fine have been using version 9 prior to that. Anyway, today I decided to upgrade as my version is not supported anymore. I decided to upgrade using the simple function through the software centre and choosing the upgrade option.

Process started as normal, downloaded the files required and start unpacking the install files. After about 3 hours I noticed that machine was stuck at 1hr and 13 mins remaining. Mouse would not respond of any keyboard function, forced to reboot machine via power button.

Now after a reboot it boots to purple ubuntu screen got some text after a short while of programs starting such as sabnzbd+ etc etc then sat at checking battery state for about 10 minutes.

Now I have a black screen cannot see much HDD activity. I am reluctant to reboot again. I am able to terminal into to the machine remotely and view files etc....

Is there anyway for me to know if the upgrade has totally failed?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.