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Thread: Video Driver Problems

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    Re: Video Driver Problems

    I think the problem is solved.
    Following Harry33 idea that it shouldn't use xorg.conf at all, I've deleted it and rebooted the laptop.

    The stupid thing is that Ubuntu then start with the lowest resolution possible. I manage to get to the display settings and change the resolution to 1920x1080, although I couldn't see tha apply button at all. After that everything is running smoothly again

    I think it's using intel now. At least the "details app" shows this:

    PS: I'm running 13.04 because didn't like 12.10 that much. Although RR is still in alpha, it's very stable, runs fast and I'm enjoying it. And it will get at least more 3 month of development, so this really promises. And I like to contribute and report some bugs.

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    Re: Video Driver Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Temüjin View Post
    Running everything with the nvidia GPU will decrease battery life...
    Hardly ever run off battery. It sits the majority of the time on a docking station running off mains power but I can see it might be an issue if you run off battery a lot.

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