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Hi guys.

I have Linux Voyager, a xubuntu version which already comes installed with Conky.

So I got a script which I love but can't get to work.

I included a copy in the dropbox link:


Also, already edited the locations in the script to fit mine. Then, tried to use this command:

sh -c "sleep 10; conky -c /home/vitality/Downloads/conky/.cal_rc;"
To get it to work, but nothing worked.

Thanks in advance.
I see you said you edited the locations in your script to fit yours? Have you changed all those locations now that your conky configuration is in your /home?
It seems like conky is working but doesn't know what files and images to display to mee i'm guessing there something wrong with your structure. Im no expert on conky but im pretty sure thats the problem.