I have installed 'Cinnamon' in Ubuntu 13.04 beside 'Unity'. I am having a rather strange issue running my 'conkyrc' on both the desktops.

In 'Cinnamon' for conky to work I have to edit the line 'own_window yes', whereas in Unity the line should read 'own_window conky' for the conky to work.

Now when I change desktops I am being force to used gedit to change the said conkyrc line for the conky to work. I was wondering if I could run two .conkyrc files: if I login to Unity then the conkyrc with 'own_window conky' should run and if I chose Cinnamon then another conkyrc with "own_window yes' should run.

Is it possible? if so how? or is there another way I can accomplish what I want?