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Thread: please help open close ports!

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    Re: please help open close ports!

    My sincere thanks to all that replied to this desparate post!

    I am very grateful for your replies.

    What fixed the problems of closed ports was to turn ufw off simply by issueing:

    sudo ufw disable
    One responder said, '... you might confuse the poor fella with all of that complicaton! Just tell him to turn ufw off!'

    Well, I attest that being possibly the very oldest of the old on the forums, it does not take much to confuse me!

    The simple fix of disabling ufw worked and ports that were blocked were subsequently opened!

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    Re: please help open close ports!

    It's nice that you solved that problem.

    For future reference, if you don't remember whether you turned on the firewall or not use

    sudo ufw status
    It'll show you if the firewall is active or not.
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