In May of 2012, I got help at this forum, changing an external usb memory stick (thumb, jump, pen, Flash drive) from being seen by the OS as a removable to a non-removable device. I wanted it to be 3 things: 1 - removable, 2 - able to run LinuxOS executables and 3 - to run Microsoft Windows executables. I started using Lastpass password manager software and an add-on to Lastpass called: Sesame. Those two create a 2-step password verification. Very secure.

Time went by and during some problems with my root directory getting overfilled with out-of-date kernels and images and the like, the splash screen started to say that the thumb drive was not mounted and did I want to

(S)kip, (C)ancel or (M)ount Manually.

For I while I chose skip. Then one morning the OS would not boot. I spent the weekend with help from around the globe (this forum) and got my operating system back. But the usb device (called Lexar) still would not mount and as it has Cryptkeeper encrypted files on it, I could not obtain access to them.

I spent the next few days figuring out how to either work-around, by-pass or fix the /Lexar not mounting. Whether my solution is temporary or permanent, I don't know for certain. But that doesn't much matter. What I want to do is UNDO the way the removable USB device is seen by the OS and revert it back to being a (typical) removable device.

The reason I want to do this is I am deleting the partitions that the Microsfot Windows used. I will no longer have to run their executables. I want to copy the data/files/folders from the thumb drive to my desktop, run GParted against the thumb drive and change the file system to ext3. Then copy the documents back. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I spent yesterday and today searching for a way to change the USB device back to "normal", but cannot find a way to do that. What's more, the: Introduction to Fstab Community page even goes so far to say:

"Removable devices such as flash drives *can* be added to fstab, but are typically mounted by gnome-volume-manager and are beyond the scope of this document."

So, someone who knows, point me to the document that has within in it's arcane knowledge, how to aright my wrong(ly) mounted device.