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Thread: mplayer and x264 encodeing

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    Question mplayer and x264 encodeing

    I found x264 Encoding Guide - Linux Encoding after following the instructions there i ended up with the following bash script :

    vidfile='/home/wolfpup/Videos/<series folder>/<series ep>.mkv'
    mplayer -nosound -benchmark -ass -vo yuv4mpeg:file=>(x264 --demuxer y4m --profile high --level 4.1 --crf 18 --preset veryslow --tune animation --deblock -2:-2 --psy-rd -0.60:0 --qpmin 10 --qpmax 28 --aq-mode 2 --no-mbtree --threads auto --output $vidfile.264 video.y4m 2>&1 | tee $vidfile-x264.log) $vidfile
    This script generates the following error :

    x264 [error]: could not open input file `video.y4m'
    MPlayer2 UNKNOWN (C) 2000-2011 MPlayer Team
    mplayer: could not connect to socket
    mplayer: No such file or directory
    Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control.
    Playing /home/wolfpup/Videos/<series folder>/<series ep>.mkv.
    [mkv] Track ID 1: video (V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC), -vid 0
    [mkv] Track ID 2: audio (A_AAC), -aid 0, -alang und
    [mkv] Track ID 3: subtitles (S_TEXT/ASS), -sid 0, -slang und
    [mkv] Will play video track 1.
    Detected file format: Matroska
    VIDEO:  [avc1]  1280x720  24bpp  23.810 fps    0.0 kbps ( 0.0 kbyte/s)
    Load subtitles in /home/wolfpup/Videos/<series folder>/
    Using (default) progressive frame mode.
    [ass] auto-open
    Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
    Asking decoder to use 2 threads if supported.
    Selected video codec: [ffh264] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg H.264)
    Audio: no sound
    Starting playback...
    V:   0.0   0/  0 ??% ??% ??,?% 0 0 [K V:   0.0   0/  0 ??% ??% ??,?% 0 0 [K V:   0.0   0/  0 ??% ??% ??,?% 0 0 [K 
    Movie-Aspect is 1.78:1 - prescaling to correct movie aspect.
    VO: [yuv4mpeg] 1280x720 => 1280x720 Planar YV12 
    MPlayer interrupted by signal 13 in module: check_framedrop
    Colorspace details not fully supported by selected vo.
    MPlayer interrupted by signal 13 in module: unknown
    Here is what I eventually want the script to fully do:

    1. encode the video adding hardsubs to video
    2. encode audio if needed( eg flac/pcm -> aac) ( can be commented out if not needed).
    3. extract chapters file from mkv and audio if not encoded in previous step.
    4. mux new video, audio, and chapters file into and mp4 container.

    Right now I can not get the video to encode so I'm currently stuck.

    ANY help will be GREATLY welcomed.
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