Hello everyone,

All this talk about the Ubuntu Phone OS got me wondering on the usage of this modern gadgetry. Apart from laptops, I only own a dumphone; talking with colleagues and reading specs on the internet I came to realise that I can fully dispense paper with a proper set up. Especially when I travel I usually need to print a few articles so that the time at airports, airplanes and trains is not wasted. It is also better to have notes on the electronic document itself than on the paper...

What seems to fit my needs the best is something like a PadFone (apologies for the advertising). But with a price tag of 800 € it is not a straightforward option. There is also the Transphone Pro coming the next months; even with taxes it should cost less than half the Asus, but the hardware is miles away. In the middle may be the Galaxy Note, but this all-in one solution seems too large for a phone and too small for a tablet.

So I'd like to hear from folks more into this subject than me. Would you buy any of the above? Would you suggest something else with this sort of flexibility?