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Thread: Poor Adobe Flash and HTML5 Video Performance

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    Question Poor Adobe Flash and HTML5 Video Performance

    Hello.I currently trying to increase Adobe Flash and HTML5 performance on Linux because there are very poor on my old machine which has a Intel Celeron D CPU at 3.20GHz and Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS Video Card with the proprietary video driver.When I'm running Adobe Flash video no matter if it is 240p or 480p on Chrome or in Firefox my cpu jumps between 70% and 100% fairly watchable at around 20 or more fps .On 720p and 1080p video starts lagging seriously and cpu sticks at 100%.The HTML5 Video has the same result around 100% cpu no matter what resolution.I know that Adobe Flash doesn't support video acceleration for Linux.I've tried also OverrideGPUValidation=1 for Adobe Flash but it doesn't make much of an improvement.I couldn't run h.264 on Firefox or Chrome for HTML5.I've had such better performance on Windows.So my question is there anything I could do Increase performance or lower cpu usage.
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