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Thread: Videoplayback following a time schedule

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    Videoplayback following a time schedule


    As the title says, is there a program or an easy way to set up a Videoplayback that follows a timeschedule? Like if it starts playing one file 15:00, and when that file is done, it starts a loop with videofiles until 17:00 when it starts another file, and so on.

    I know this might be possible in VLC with some scripting, or is there maybe a complete solution for this already?


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    Re: Videoplayback following a time schedule

    Hi, you can create crontab jobs ,here is a nice "how to" with examples

    also...if you use gedit as your editor, crontab doesnt use gedit by default.
    to set gedit as your crontab editor,append the following to .bashrc in your
    home directory. *Note the "." .bashrc hidden view
    ls -al .bashrc
    cat .bashrc
    #sets gedit as default for crontab
    export EDITOR=gedit
    have fun !
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