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Thread: New Derivative: Lichia OS

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    New Derivative: Lichia OS

    Hi folks!

    I'm creating this tread to both promote and get some feedback on my new Kubuntu derivative.

    It is called, as the tread title says, Lichia OS. It is supposed to be fast, complete, fun and beautiful.
    It differs a bit from the default KDE experience (so, put aside all your KDE prejudice!). If it caches your eye please give a try!

    I had posted something similar a few weeks ago, but had to remove due trademark problems with the name. I think it is OK now, but if you notice something wrong in the site or in the .iso please report here and I will adequate it immediately.

    Download Links:

    Mirror 1 Google Drive
    LichiaOS_x64_1301.iso (1.78 GB)
    LichiaOS_x64_1301.iso.md5 (56 B)

    Mirror 2
    LichiaOS_x64_1301.iso (1.78 GB)!WFJxzaCL!AbO08F...V-3dx7mhPF-ZYo
    LichiaOS_x64_1301.iso.md5 (56 B)!PRxnkKbT!Dmwydn...oZMU4XUoYSfgPo

    Mirror 3 Dropbox
    LichiaOS_x64_1301.iso (1.78 GB)
    LichiaOS_x64_1301.iso.md5 (56 B)

    Torrent (slow)

    Comments and suggestions are welcome!

    Below are some screenshots that to give an idea of how it looks like.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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