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Thread: Finding Internet Radio URLs

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    Finding Internet Radio URLs

    So I was wondering, what are some good techniques for finding Internet Radio URLs? There really ought to be a FireFox plugin for revealing all the IR URLs hidden within a page or one that custom builds a Google search that pulls the information which is surely buried in Google's archives somewhere.

    What else can a person do? Is there something I can grep for in a page using wget? Frankly, I don't even know how to identify such a URL as yet. I need to build a compendium of possible forms such a URL might take. That probably means looking at what Banshee and RhythmBox's data looks like but a clue in that regards wouldn't hurt. I'll check for ".config" directories after I am done writing this.

    Thoughts? Clues? Ideas? I've found that my music collection is stagnating because I don't listen to anything but the mp3's I already own.

    Jim C.

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    Re: Finding Internet Radio URLs

    OK, so what I am seeing in rhythmbox's data is that an Internet Radio station's URL takes the form of a standard URL with a sound file format file extension. For example:

    <entry type="iradio">
    <title> - Tronic Lounge</title>

    Hmmm... that looks a little strange though. Does Ubuntu actually host IR stations or is it a mirror of some sort?

    Jim C.

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    Re: Finding Internet Radio URLs

    In my perfect world radio stations that broadcast over the Internet would feature not only whatever fancy interface they wished to showcase but also a direct link to their stream.

    One technique which is often a good start is to examine the source of the launching page, Ctrl+u will normally do this...
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